If I ever get an award for laziness, I will send someone else to collect it.

This year is getting over in a blink and I am forced to think about how I am getting older every freaking second. Is it only me or everyone feels that these days, time is riding a superbike way beyond its speed limit? It feels like yesterday, when I was working in an empty office past 2030, (way beyond our working hours), on the night of last year’s 31st December along with my two colleagues. Complaining and cribbing about how everyone must be roasting marshmallows and sipping bourbons, and how we are doing what we do not deserve.

Having gone through so many changes in the recent past, I promised to just become a better person in the year of 2019, without making any false promises or resolutions like shedding 200 pounds or saving up a million within a year. No big promises were made with the sheer mindset of not setting up high expectations from people (although they have none).
I believe each year has taught me something or the other. 2018 was a year of transitions, life lessons and a whole lot of travelgram tales. 2019 however, went slow in the beginning. It took a while to catch momentum, and finally, when it did, it turned a little topsy turvy for me and everyone around. I decided to get out of my comfort zone, for the first time in three years. As everyone who knows me, knows for a fact that I am a seeker of comfort and convenience. I am not meant for challenges, risks, contests, obstacles and other heavy-breathing words, as you can never string a sentence correctly, with my ‘name’ and ‘challenge’ in it.

But everything changed one evening when I was oblivious-ly watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S and my partner asked me, “So this is it right? You will retire from this company and never really venture into the real world?” I promptly replied “Hell No! What made you think so?”, while continuing to sip whatever the hell I was drinking. But, deep down I was shaken. I took a moment to take that in. And then, the idiot continued, “Why are you doing this to yourself? Do you realize you are underpaid and the biggest problem is, you do not even realize your worth! Is it because your friends are there?”

Needless to say, like a wuss, I avoided that kind of confrontation and slid myself out of that uncomfortable zone like a pro! I can surely pen down a guideline book on ‘How to dodge real life problems like a pro: 101’ or ‘How to sleep peacefully even when the entire neighbourhood is burning down?’
But, I couldn’t sleep peacefully that night and I wont lie about it. I kept on thinking how every damn thing made sense and how I tend to lose sight of the bigger goals in life because of my indolence, when I can be out there kicking balls and scaling heights.

The next thing you know, I opened my decrepit laptop and checked my curriculum vitae, and not to my surprise, it was last updated on 200 B.C.! Apparently my ‘classical dance’ degree from middle school was of no relevance to my current profile and I definitely had to clean that shit up. I did a deep cleaning, jotted down every little thing I have done in the past (work, work, work) and pasted in a clean and pretty CV format. Tada! It was ready… I posted it in one of the job search portals and waited for everyone to go through my gorgeous CV.

Slowly it took off and over a period of 2 months, I sat for more than 10 interviews. I didn’t like some of them, some didn’t like me, some never reverted and the rest went straight to my voicemails. Finally, I settled for the one – the best package (give me all the money), extremely gorgeous office space (I don’t deserve this) and less work (what sorcery is this)! Biggest perk? One of my closest friends work two blocks away and she promised to meet me everyday.

Fast forward to where I am now – Life is finally showing up.
I am a sloth, a lump of mud who would not move, and a seeker of comfort. I am sure I missed ten thousand golden opportunities in life because of my ‘it will be done but later’ attitude. If you relate to this, if you are a couch potato too and you too get shouted at for being languid, then it is ‘OKAY’. Just be a better human being as it is the most important achievement of a human life, nobody will look into your casket and say ‘I really loved him because he had a Peugeot couch.’ And yes, daydreaming about your bed amidst a busy work day is okay with a capital O. Period.