Autumn, it is that time of the year again, which reminds us how beautiful things can never die, but takes time to rejuvenate, and come back stronger and lovelier. The days are warmer and nights are cooler now, the air conditioners are turned off for the season, and then there are happy smiling faces everywhere painted with festive colours. There is indeed something about a freshly brewed cup of cinnamon spiced coffee and fairy lights in this season, that takes us back to the lanes of places we have never visited. This season gives you so many reasons to love about it, with a distant memory in hindsight, of strolling in the apple orchards or visiting a pumpkin patch.

The fragrance of fall have managed to touch everyone’s life on the outside, but how about the lives that are indifferent towards the amorous season outside? What about the people who couldn’t care less about any season outside, let alone fall?

Let’s talk about things that are beyond words and definitions, beyond explanation in mere sentences, beyond prescriptions or even Ted talks! When you bruise your body, you seek medical help, without any explanation, and how about the wounds that can’t be seen with naked eyes, but only felt?

The world has taken a recent shift when it comes to mental health, with millions of people finally speaking up what they are going through, how they are feeling, and thus, now is the time to talk about the cut that runs deeper than the rest, without getting noticed.

‘Depression’, ‘Anxiety’, ‘Anger’, ‘Bipolar’, ‘Panic’, ‘BDD’, ‘BPP’ ‘OCD’ ‘Paranoia’ and a lot of other similar terminologies are there which we come across time and again. These conditions differ widely in nature, and when it comes to their respective solutions, one size DOES NOT fit all. Just like a spoonful of cough syrup is not going to treat your eye sore, every kind of mental health issue needs different solutions. This is coming from a person, who does not hold any degree to validate all of this, but surely enough, has experienced it first hand (we will discuss this when the time is good).

To make your state of being better, it is important to acknowledge the issue, get diagnosed and then get better. It can start with a middle school bullying to an odd-parenting disorder to many other things which cannot be listed down, or may not have a root cause altogether. Depression is not just a state of mind, it is a condition beyond that. We live in a society where there is so much of blank noise, that the noise inside dies down, only to become louder when the outside commotion dies down. It is not only about feeling lonesome, it’s about not feeling at all, it’s about losing the human ability to feel in control.

You are not responsible for feeling or acting this way. At times, verbal therapies or journalling can help, but, if things do not help after that, it’s time to seek the expert. As first aid, seek someone you can open up to, without letting judgement come in the way. Never seek temporary resorts like alcohol or self medication, as this will simply elevate the condition.

Always remember the fragile beating heart inside you, which is capable of moving mountains if you trust it enough to take you places. Remind yourself who you are and where you come from, find a reason to pass another day, and then another, till it doesn’t feel like a task anymore. You love travelling? Go out. You love eating? Go out. Movie? Why not? Try finding peace with yourself even if the world is staring at your undone hair and shabby clothes. Once you discover the beauty of confidence and peace in being yourself, the days will become sunny again and the nights wouldn’t eat you as much as it does now.

And these winter days, where everything seems dead, will turn into spring in a blink, when you too will find the best reason of your existence – YOU!

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