“If you never go, you will never know.”

I don’t remember the last time I saw the water so blue or the sky so clear before I landed in Seychelles. Five years ago, my partner and I met at a random party and moments later, we bonded over our love and zeal to travel to faraway lands. And five years later, we found ourselves together in our first ever foreign trip! We both were going a little cuckoo to be very honest.

Boarded on a yacht and we got transferred to Praslin. It was straight out of a postcard, and I pinched myself to check if I am dreaming this unreal landscape. ‘Amities Chalets’ owned by a French lady called Flavie greeted and showed us the private beach and our tiny hut! I was already jumping and smiling, and I came to know that renting a car to see around the Island had the potential to burn a hole on our tiny pockets. So, we hitchhiked and took the bus for the rest of the days.

The feeling of having a partner with the same level of craziness is unmatched! We sat for hours in the beach beds and gazed the setting sun for hours while counting crabs and munching snacks where the label says something in French. We both ate bizarre and unacceptable food, because why not? Cycled through La Digue and slept under a bicycle shack by the beach, smoked up together with a Portuguese couple in ‘Grand Anse’. We would gather around Flavie’s big family and listen to their stories post dinner. After dinner, we would run out to the beach at night, and in pitch dark, we would listen to the endless sound of waves and wonder who stays in the lighthouse.

Coming back to the mainland of Mahé, and staying in the Northern part of the Island in a small place called Beau Vallon was different magic of its own… The TV had only two channels, and there was no internet! There was an alley filled with millions of spiders and spider webs, which can kill an arachnophobic by its mere sight! Guess how I survived? I ran my way out and in, every time I had to cross it… A bright red bird would visit us, eat from us and we named him ‘Bhokot’! While sipping on the Champagne gifted by Flavie and smoking hand-rolled cigarettes called ‘Mahé Kings’ on warm afternoons, I contemplated life!

The days end with a visit to Mike’s Store down the road to collect souvenirs and running to the Beau Vallon beach to watch the sunset, while the scuba divers and snorkellers swam into the gleaming gold water. Almost everything in this Island is named ‘Takamaka’, and honestly, I was greatly intrigued by what all the hype was about. I asked around and came to know that it is the most famous beach, which is an unaffordable car ride away. So, we decided to take the local bus on a rainy day and reached the destination after travelling for two long hours. And the sight that awaited took my breath away. It had a big warning that said ‘VERY DANGEROUS CURRENTS, SWIM AT YOUR OWN RISK’, the waves were at least 15 feet high.

Seychelles was a dream come true for both of us! We live a humble life and the thought of going outside our country used to be overwhelming for both of us, wondering how will we manage the finances to how will we converse, to what will we eat. But, sometimes, a different version of life awaits, when you anyhow take a plunge and think ‘we will see to it.’ We thereby vow to travel more, learn more, dream more, work harder, because together, we are two curious cats that want to know what’s on the other side of the field.