It goes like this...

I am a full-time content writer working for a digital marketing company in Noida since 2016, working for various clients and handling numerous content projects.

I hail from Guwahati, Assam, and currently stay in Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi. Coming from the place of the bluest skies and greenest fields, I had a flair for writing and reading since a very early age. My world is mostly stuck in the golden era of the 90s where things were simpler and I never had to worry about the basics of life. I grew up watching Mowgli, playing in the fields with bruised knees, and listening to Kumar Sanu and Zubeen Garg. A Cancerian at heart, I love coffee and driven by random erratic thoughts about life.

Sometimes my life makes no sense to me, and there are times when every damn thing makes sense, and I guess that is how this journey is. I have realised this over time that all at once your life is exactly how you pictured it to be, but the very next moment, everything falls apart. You know what, it does not really matter if your life does not go according to the plans you penned in your annual planner, there is no jock mentality and you can put the societal tab to rest by choosing your own pace. Having born to a very liberal family, no one bothered me in my life's choices and I had a slower pace than most of my peers, but, no one really kept a tab on it. This is why I believe in having goals that are made by solely you, travelling while you can, take steps towards making a better you and believing in your control to make changes to your life.